Ear infections in cats and kittens

It is quite common for cats to suffer from ear infections for various reasons. The signs of ear infection are:

Dirty, foul smelling and painful ears
Scratching ears and constant shaking of head
Redness and swelling of ear canal known as otitis externa

These symptoms can be caused by allergies, ear mites, bacteria or yeast infections, foreign bodies or tumours. These conditions can be so irritating and painful to the cat that they can scratch so badly at their ears that they cause severe damage.

The bacterial infection can be caused by allergies to food or environment which can cause changes in the ear environment allowing bacteria to grow. The main bacteria is known as Malassezia pachydermatis, and can be seen under a microscope by your vet.

Foreign bodies or tumours should be investigated by your vet as should any sort of trauma to the ear such as bites from other cats.

Earsolv can effectively deal with fungal bacterial infections and ear mites not only in cats and kittens but also dogs, rabbits and ferrets. It is a dry powder, which contains no antibiotic and therefore can be used regularly if you find the condition reoccurs. Only a very small amount is required to combat these conditions. It will not cause any pain or distress to your pet when used, unlike many of the cleaning lotions prescribed by vets.

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